Help Carta recover their lost map pieces by rearranging the paper world around them.

Carta is an award-winning 2D puzzle platformer where the levels are separated onto paper cards that can be manipulated by the player. Each level is a puzzle that the player will have to solve to make the path for Carta to follow to collect their missing map pieces.

I was the Creative Director and main level designer for Carta. As Creative Director, I was responsible with ensuring that everyone on the creative side of the team was working on the correct task and to track their progress. As the main level designer, I was responsible for the design of most of the puzzles within the game.

We presented Carta at PAX Australia 2017 and at Game Connect Asia Pacific 2017, as part of the GCAP Student Showcase. Carta won the award for Best Student Game of the Student Showcase.

Twitter: @CartaTheGame 

Download the APK here.

Get Off My Rock

Silex is a grumpy goat who just wants space.

Get Off My Rock is a mobile puzzle game where the player controls a grumpy goat, Silex, and tries to knock every other goat off the level. 

For this project I was the programming lead. This means that on top of the programming work I did, I was also responsible for assigning tasks to members of the programming team and also making sure they stay on track.

We exhibited this game at PAX Australia 2018.

Twitter: @get_off_my_rock

It is playable on itch.io

Garden of Children

Mother with pram havoc simulator

Garden of Children was a jam game that I worked on with one other person. They handled the art assets while I did the programming and design. 

The theme for the jam was ‘Nurture’. We used the theme to create the ‘narrative’ of the game, which helped inform the design. 

It is playable on itch.io


Wallflower Logo

Wallflower is a prototype game that I was a part of making. I was part of both the programming and design team, as the team was relatively small. It was the first major game development project I had ever worked on.

Wallflower is an exploration into the mind of a young adult with social anxiety. Unlike most visual novels, the player takes a more active role in the conversation. They must actively choose which words from their chosen sentences to keep or remove, and then keep their attention on the other members of the conversation by performing actions, such as keeping eye contact or not shaking.


BlinkBall was a jam game I was a part of the team for. It was also the first game jam I took part in. I worked on it with three other people, and I was one of the programmers.

The theme for the jam was ‘Transition’. BlinkBall is a 3D platformer where the player launches a ball that they can teleport to with the ball’s velocity.